Not all of us love and enjoy exercise in the conventional way to stay active; hitting the gym, running, walking cycling, the list could go on. There's nothing wrong with this, I've tried running like Pheobe from Friends with my arms flapping like a big kid and still this doesn't hit the fun factor for me! I'd highly recommend giving it a go though.

Physical health is so important for the entire family. Just a couple of minutes of physical activity a day can make all the difference to how you feel both inside and out. Whether it's dancing around the house while cleaning (we all know that is one way to build up a sweat when you are on a mission!) although your kids may think of this as rather embarrassing rather than fun.

We're very aware it is summer holidays for the kids, which means having to juggle work/bossing it and the activity level of the children. We don't want them watching tv all day, so creating healthy habits young is so important. We've taken up the challenge to find you some inspiration for physical activities with both moderate physical activity and vigorous physical activity for all the family to enjoy.

Fun ways to burn calories is always a win win in our opinion. Get that body moving to stay healthy, fitness level improves, along with your well being and self esteem, all added mental health benefits.

Here are our top picks for some heart pumping exercise without stepping foot in a gym, some suitable for children and others just for older adults only.


1. Totally wiped out 

Inflatable games, big red balls, assault course, punch wall and more for all your stress release needs. This is mostly aimed at adults which is great for a stag/hen or an office team building exercise. On an assault course like this you will be getting a full body work out, so expect to ache for a few days after! Locations include: Birmingham, Bristol, Nottingham and Sheffield, with more locations to be announced soon. 

2. Go ape

Go ape includes tree top climbing, tree top challenges, axe throwing and zip wires. Great for all the family, some locations have more variety of tree top adventures so all can feel challenged while living out the Tazan and Jane experience! They have a few smaller locations dotted around the country with some of the big name locations being: Bedgebury, Coventry, Alexandra Palace and Nottinghamshire. 

3. Crazy/Foot/Miniature golf

Glow balls / Swingers  / Foot golf 

We've listed a few places the team has been and experienced, but there are many more companies available. These leisurely games are ideal if you've got a range of family members where you can change the pace according to the group. Swingers in particular is a great venue to make a night of it. With the pop up food vendors and cocktail bars, it makes a great night for a friends gathering. Locations include: London, Brighton, Gatwick


4. Public spaces

Public spaces such as South water country park have so much to offer. You can do a nice walk or cycle safely there. Best of all, there are water sports and outdoor activities for all the family. Kayaking, sailing and raft building are just some of the awesome activities available, this is great if you want something more chilled or full on without breaking the bank. 

Ardingly activity centre and reservoir offers great walking options. Available activities on the water include Junior sailing, paddle boarding and windsurfing. 

5. Trampoline adventure parks

Flip out / Rush / Urban jump / Airhop

These are a great way to all join in and get that heart rate racing! Jump to your hearts content, without hearing "stop jumping" like your mum used to say (or you've heard yourself repeat to your own kids on numerous occasions). With huge foam pits to practice flips and star jumps, these are great fun to just let loose or tire out the kids. 

With loads dotted around the country, to name a few locations we have: Ashford, Chester, London, Portsmouth and Guilford.

We hope you enjoy the summer sun and find your inner big kid! We would love to hear your thoughts or if you have any other suggestions. 



August 10, 2022

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