Alternative easter eggs

A more meaningful, sustainable and healthier way of gifting this Easter

As well as family gatherings, we all know Easter is the time for EGGS! And often chocolaty ones! But not all of us like chocolate, want to eat a tonne of it, or gift a tonne of it. Here at KTO we have come up with an alternative sustainable, ethical and homemade way of giving this year. Whether it's just you making for yourself, friends or family, or you want a fun project to get the children involved with, this one is for all of you!  

This project is based around reusing your egg shells. That's right, real egg shells, not the foil covered chocolate kind! 

You will need:





(Not necessary but egg box is helpful) 

Unless you have multiple hands and arms at your disposal.


Step one: Start a week ahead or if you're super hungry, just the morning before!

Collect your egg shells from making cakes, omelettes or other culinary adventures. Give them a rinse out and be careful at this stage as it is super easy to break them!  

 Step twoUnless you have multiple hands and arms at your disposal, stack these back into you egg carton to make them easier to fill with soil. Fill these half way up with some soil.


Step three: Add the seeds of your choice. If you're starting in March, good options to go for include Cress, chives or sweet peas. If you're on a tight turnaround, Cress grows very quickly! 

Step four: Top these up with soil to the top and give them a little water. Put on a window sill to grow.

Step Five: Put the kettle on and make a tea, sit back and let them do their thing! 


In a few days, depending on the seeds you have planted you should start to see these poke their heads out and start growing! Now you can gift these over the Easter period, or just do this as a fun Easter break activity with the children. Or in our case, just a sweet way of growing seedlings in the office, ready to plant out in a few weeks time! 

As eggshells are natural they will naturally decompose once they are planted into the garden. I personally give the shells a little squeeze to break them before planting to help the roots find the new soil, this is not an absolute must though.

By growing your seedlings this way, it provides the soil and plants with some essential nutrients, as the shells are mostly made up of calcium carbonate, also making this super cost effective and friendly on the environment. 

You could even go a step further and make this a growing competition! Get creative with some funny faces and why not name them all too!

If foil covered chocolate eggs aren't something you're going to be swapping out, before recycling your foil, make sure it is rolled up into a ball the size of a tennis ball so that the recycling machines can pick it up. Otherwise if it is smaller and hidden amongst all of the other recycling, it can not be processed. This is a small habit we can continue with all year round. So spread the word!!

Have a Egg-citing Easter! From all of us at Know The Origin x

March 27, 2023

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