Did someone say eco friendly easter eggs?

Easter is one of those times of year to come together and make time for family and friends, make memories and (most importantly ;)) have a bit of chocolate! We don't know about you, but we'd certainly rather be Easter bunnies than gym bunnies! We like to think of balance as an egg in each hand this time of year! 

Say no to single use plastic

As with many holidays we know that the festivities can often also mean a LOT of single use plastic waste and sadly more damage to our planet. So how can we help? Going for eco-friendly egg options can be a great way to make your Easter that bit better this year.

We've done the research and found you some gorgeous ethically made options. From vegan options, to supporting small businesses, to eco-friendly packaging, we've brought together some fun and quirky options we thought you might just love! 

Eco-friendly easter eggs

 1. This is a super cute alternative to those famous little eggs we all know and love. Find these little eggs in eco friendly packaging at www.thechocolategift.co.uk

Eco-friendly easter eggs

2. Keeping on the small but cute theme, these little eggs come in an eco friendly egg box and a great option to try out all the flavours that Tony's offer, don't feel like you have to share as these are too good to be true! www.tonyschocolonely.com

Eco friendly easter eggs

Eco-friendly easter eggs

3. Like to support small business? This small batch chocolate company create these lovely little eggs presented in this quirky eco friendly egg box. Pick up yours at www.heistchocolate.com

Eco-friendly Easter chocolate

4. These cute little chocolate farm animals come in a lovely eco friendly box, so you can take these to a family easter dinner, and great for the kids to play with. Get yours at www.daylesford.com

Montezumas Button Egg

5. Choose from a huge selection of Easter goodies in eco friendly packaging here. Shop their options at www.montezumas.co.uk

Not into chocolate?

Here's some great alternatives to hide around the garden! Children will love planting these animals and seeing what pops up over the next few weeks. Planting wild seeds not only look beautiful but it's a great way to help and support the natural wildlife around your area. Not to mention the all important bees that you will be helping to save! 

Get yours at www.daylesford.com

 Eco friendly seed farm animals

What clothes to wear when you're feeling full

When you're feeling full, the last thing you want to do is wear tight fitting clothes, are we right? We've got some super soft and comfy options, perfect for a relaxed weekend or those moments when you're feeling that little bit full up! 

Ethically made activewear UK Heavenly Hoody

1. The heavenly hoody is a beautiful long-line style perfect for covering up and feeling snuggly. Made from a super soft bamboo and organic cotton blend, you'll live in this. Click here to get yours.

Ethically Made Activewear UK Foresee Top

2. The Foresee Sweatshirt is another beautifully relaxed and comfy sweatshirt for a long weekend. Ethically made in the same building that the brand runs from, this product is made from soft organic cotton and looks great paired with the matching shorts or joggers too. Click here to get yours.


3. Looking for some comfy sustainable joggers? The bamboo Emerson joggers are are naturally stretchy, breathable and super soft. Perfect for lounging around after your easter egg hunt! Click here to get yours.

We wish you all and egg-static Easter long weekend. Easter doesn’t have to be all chocolate, expensive, unwanted plastic and unethical. As our strap line says, one step at a time. We can all try something a little different to help with the bigger picture.

Whether shopping locally to support small businesses, making a conscious decision to buy an ethically sourced Easter egg, or choosing a no plastic option packaged with recycled or eco friendly packaging. Your choices make a difference and we applaud you for your efforts. Have a lovely Easter! 

April 12, 2022

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