Let's all give ourselves a pat on the back this National fitness day!

In participating in fitness, exercise and sports of all kinds we unite. We create positive communities where community spirit thrives, we create safe spaces for people to express themselves, we come together to support each other, to raise each other, to feel part of something bigger than just us. We relieve loneliness, build bonds and build confidence. We show motivation, will power, dedication, team work, grit and determination. We try harder for our team mates or share smiles with the newbee to the class, we take time out from the everyday pressures and offer ourselves time out, self care and love through movement. Whatever way you keep fit, whatever your reasons, we can all unite in the belief that fitness is most definitely something worth celebrating.

The 21st of September every year is known as National fitness day. It's a day designed to unite in celebrating fitness and what it means to us all. Fitness isn't just about being good to your body and keeping healthy; fitness, exercise, sport is an important way of socialising, connecting with others and freeing our minds from the worries and pressures of day to day life. The power of physical activity is undeniable. Just look at some of the worlds favourite sports, from football to cricket, to rugby to swimming. The huge events held to celebrate water sports, winter sports, indoor and outdoor sports, fitness plays a huge role in community spirit and feeling part of something bigger. 

Uniting fitness brands

Chief and Turtle relate to and want to celebrate National fitness day for more than one reason. The most obvious one being that we are a brand that offer a great range of fitness wear perfect for many sports or fitness activities. We've got fitness clothing for all genders and many different activities. From high performance wear to comfortable lounge and yoga wear. We've also got comfortable and breathable underwear to support you underneath your fitness wear, and accessories too. 

The potentially less obvious reason we could relate to the messaging being National fitness day, is this idea of fitness uniting many. This is one of the main roots of Chief and Turtle. To unite fitness brands on the same mission, to produce product in a kinder way to the planet and promote more sustainable consumerism. It is something we care so much about because we feel these brands are doing so well and working so hard to promote better products and a better mindset towards clothing and what we buy, that they deserve to be heard. And as many sports have shown us, there's power in numbers, in collaboration and in community.  

Come see the power of collaboration through our style inspiration

We've paired some of our favourite products from our different brands into Chief and Turtle fitness looks that you'll be able to imagine yourself wearing. Get inspired to get fit, join that class you've been wanting to join, meet that team you've been keen to get involved with, become part of a community linked to your local sports club. You will never regret getting involved in a new sport or fitness hobby, and we're here to make you look and feel great on that journey!  

Chief and Turtle mens and womenswear

Jake wears Swole Panda Refibra t-shirt in grey paired with Dedicated Charcoal grey joggers. Gwen wears Organic Basics Active Seamless bra paired with Asquith Long Harem Pants in grey. 

Chief and Turtle outfit Organic Basics bra and Contur shorts

Gwen wears the recycled Organic Basics Active Seamless bra paired with Contur black high waisted shorts which are made in England. 

Chief and Turtle menswear navy blue Refibra t shirt and marl grey sweatpants

Jake wears Swole Panda Refibra navy blue t-shirt paired with Dedicated marl grey sweatpants

Wanting to start exercising more?

There are huge benefits to being active not just for your body but for your mental health and well being. The Department of Health recommends that adults should aim to be active daily and complete 2.5 hours of moderate intensity activity over a week – the equivalent of 30 minutes five times a week. This may seem like a lot at first, the best thing is to tackle this bitesize amounts over the week. Sometimes a walk down the road and back is all it takes, if you don't enjoy walking without listening to something, ask a friend to join and catch up as you walk, or pop some headphones in for company, whether it be music, a podcast or an audio book. Sometimes the headspace away from everyday life can make the world of difference. 

Share what national fitness day means to you and follow along using the hashtag #FITNESSDAY 

September 21, 2022

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