What are the best clothes for keeping you cool this summer?

Pair a mini heatwave with our very sensitive attitude to the weather and it's no surprise to see we already have #heatwave trending on twitter here in Britain! For some great humour around the British and heatwaves we highly recommend you check out the “Very British problems” feed on Twitter.

For some, this sunny hot weather will be welcomed with open arms. It's a chance to bask in the sun and soak up the vitamin D. Others will make a dash for the shade, or even better anywhere with air conditioning! How many people will be taking a bit longer for their weekly supermarket shop today we wonder?

Whether you're a sun-worshipper or treat the sun in the same way as Count Dracula might, what you choose to wear is one of the simplest ways to keep comfortable. Loose fitting clothes are the best choice for keeping cool in hot weather and we have a great range of loose-fitting clothing.

Asquith's Gathered Side Vest is made with a mix of bamboo to give a super soft luxury feel and is ideal for sensitive skin. In addition, this fabric has great natural cooling and sweat wicking properties. An added bonus is that (as with all Asquith products) they are made in Europe from sustainable materials using transparent supply chains. Scroll down on the product page to see more information about them.

Lightweight shorts

Lightweight and loose fitting shorts are a really good way to keep cool and get a tan! The mens Tentree Destination Lightweight shorts or Destination Fulton shorts for women are made from Repreve recycled fabric. Not only are these ideal for the summer, they're just the ticket to helping you keep cool whilst out for a jog yet look good enough to wear socially at a barbeque or pub garden. Repreve fabric is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles making them a great choice for helping the environment. If you love the idea of the fabric, but prefer to wear trousers, check out the mens Destination Lightweight Joggers or women's Destination Lightweight Pants.

Sports Crops

We have a great selection of full coverage sports bras which are so stylish they don’t need to be kept undercover. All our brands have the same commitment to making clothes in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

For the super hot weather we highly recommend shopping the ECONYL® styles as these all offer UV protection as well as having cooling properties. You can search these styles via our Shop by Values section of our menu. 

So that's you dressed! Now for the next thing, hydration! Crucial in this warmer weather. Eco friendly reusable water bottles aren't only great because you're not using single use plastic, but they also keep your drink cool. If that's not the biggest bonus in this kind of weather, we don't know what is. Try leaving one in the fridge for a few hours before you go out for that extra cooling effect. This trick will also work with face cloths and even towels (if you have an enormous fridge!).

Did you know? Spicy foods are meant to be another cheat as they stimulate endorphins and increase blood flow which helps cool you down. The hot weather is also a great opportunity to get some more fruit and vegetables into your diet. What could be better than an ice-cold fruit smoothy? If you have any leftover maybe freeze it into an ice lolly. Or how about a crisp cool salad? Cut down on waste by using by stale bread to make croutons to liven up your salad!

Unfortunately, the jury seems to be out on whether a cold beer is a good thing in warm weather with alcohol being a diuretic which encourages dehydration. In the interest of research, I am going to try one this evening and report back on the results!

June 17, 2022

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