Meet the founders.

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Charlotte Instone

I loved fashion and shopping - a lot! But after the Rana Plaza factory collapse unfolded during my Buying degree at the London College of Fashion, I was deeply challenged to think about where my clothes were being made.

Over the last few years I have travelled to countries such as Jordan, Burkina Faso and Bangladesh and met some truly inspiring people. I have seen the harsh reality of life for thousands of people in the garment industry, but I have also seen the incredible change that happens when people are appreciated for their skills, paid fairly and given a sense of dignity in their work.

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Laura Lodge

After studying Fashion Design at the London College of Fashion, I saw the incredible technical skill that goes into making clothes, and I wanted to use design to convey something that went beyond the way we look.

In 2015, The True Cost documentary came out (it's a truly powerful film!)  The realisation hit me like a tonne of bricks - that where and how we buy clothing really does have a direct effect on some of the most vulnerable people in the world.  And that was that, I knew I wanted to use creativity to enable people to live, not just survive.

When I met Charlotte, our paths seemed to cross at just the right time, and I left my day job to embark on this journey.  KTO is about creating beautiful clothing with an incredible team of producers who are making a positive impact in their communities. What's not to love?!