Mandala was started by Anjali Schiavina to create social transformation in Pondicherry.

(Pretty cool hey, we thought so)


She started small (as all great things do) with just one vegetable dyeing unit, one tailor, one pattern master and 8 handloom weavers from the local community. Anjali realised that to make a real impact - people and the environment had to be looked after. They only use organic and in 2006 became Fairtrade certified. They have now just opened a second factory (big wooop)!


Around 70% of the work force are women from the local fishing and farming communities.

They offer an incredibly high quality of training to ensure that the women are empowered and well prepared for future opportunities - it’s all about the people.


Anjali and her team are committed to be a leading example in wage standards, and ensures all employees have bank accounts.  This helps with other social issues, such as finding housing, particularly for the women she employs.


We spend months working with Mandala to ensure we create the perfect fabric and fit to make you look great (you're welcome). 


Own of our heavyweight stripes? They were cut and sewn here at Mandala. 

If not you don't have long to fix that, these guys are flying out (literally). 

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