The Mila Factory

Thirumuruganpoondi, Tamil Nadu, South India, 641652

15 Employees, started in 2002

A pretty great little place for picnics and making clothes.

Trust me, we've done both (several times). 

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Mila factory are so aligned with our vision to see everyone treated fairly.

They are GOTS (ETKO-4215) and Fairtrade (FLO ID 28481) certified, some of the highest standards in the industry - read the audits if you don't believe us.

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Everybody here is treated with the utmost respect, is paid above a living wage, has access to medical insurance, pensions and retirement funds. 

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Working closely with Girish, the factory manager is a delight. He is honest, extremely knowledgeable and incredibly passionate about creating value in people.

He doesn't want to create the quickest assembly line, instead he strives for his employees to receive the highest level of training. A highly skilled workforce means everyone knows about quality inside out, and also has the ability to earn higher wages.



We love the long lasting connections Mila have built with people, but also their commitment to the environment. To dramatically reduce CO2 emissions, fabric is sourced from spinners, knitters and dyers within 40km.

 The earth be like, thank you.


Mila have an open door policy, why not go and check it out yourself? The view is lush. 


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Meet Biju aka master tailor

With over 5 years experience at Mila, he's leading on the KTO collections (lucky us) 🎈 

The regular income, security and training that Mila has provided, has meant Biju is no longer homeless. Biju has now built his own home from the interest free loan Mila provided. Its awesome to be a part of Biju's story.  



If you're lucky enough to own one of these items, it was made here at Mila. Most factories layer up fabric and cut it with a machine. It's different at Mila every piece is hand cut, to ensure incredible accuracy and quality.


Show me more of that good stuff: