Fast fashion has borne a new type of landfill site

Fashion’s Graveyards

Where do our clothes go when we're done with them?


Around £140 million worth of used clothes go to landfill in the UK every year

As a result of fast fashion, landfill sites are no longer just for your old, unwanted household appliances. There are now landfill sites overflowing with clothing, like Chile's Atacama Desert - also known as 'The Fast Fashion Graveyard'. The UK is estimated to throw away some 13 million items of clothing each week!


Due to time and money, many clothing brands and businesses throw away or burn clothing that can’t be sold as stock instead of gifting or selling it on. These products include garments that were working samples, photoshoot samples, ex-display items and faulty or marked products. The process behind selling singular one-off products online like this in terms of photographing, setting up the product and making it available to buy on a website is time consuming and therefore costly. Many businesses wouldn’t justify the time and effort as; ‘worth doing’ financially, without considering that by not doing so, the planet is paying the cost. We at Know the Origin think it is very much worth doing, not only to offer our valued customers something different and some amazing discounts, but to also ensure we are continually recycling and our samples are going to be loved and enjoyed for years to come, something we want for all of the products we sell.

What are Sample, Second and Second Hand products??


When choosing the amazing pieces from our brands, they would purchase one off items so we could try and test the products for quality, size and overall feel before we bought them.
You may recognise some from our Tiktoks, but all are in great condition, and any with problems have been highlighted!


These products have just missed the quality control mark, meaning they haven't been worn, they are brand new, but there may be a fly away thread or a missing button. This will always be highlighted in the description. A great way to prevent this item going to landfil, but still bagging a bargain.

Second Hand

This item would have been used for a small period of time, washed and loved. But still has plently of life in it and is in great condition! Will you be the second hand to own this product?

Make sure to read the discriptions to find out more about the products life cycle.