Did Love Island just get sustainable? 

Love Island is back and the first to be jilted seems to be the popular TV shows relationship with fast fashion! Having had the I Saw It First brand and Boo Hoo as former sponsors Love Island have decided to ditch them in favour of a curated wardrobe sourced from pre-owned clothing supplied by eBay. It follows on the heels of Vinted which partnered with Channel 4’s Hollyoaks last year to promote a more sustainable way of shopping. Whilst Vinted and Depop maybe be more at the forefront of used clothing shopping consciousness eBay is the grandaddy of the model. Founded as Auction Web in 1995 it reached $7.2 mn of sales by 1996. It was renamed eBay in 1997. Ebay's contribution to the preloved clothing market includes selling the oldest know pair of Levis for $46,000 in 2001!

Apart from these fun facts Love Island and Hollyoaks moves to promote more sustainable fashion habits is to be welcomed from an environmental perspective as well. The fast fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters on the planet accounting for more CO2 emissions than aviation and shipping combined. The Ellen Macarthur Foundation reckons 3 out of 5 garments produced end up in landfill.

It would seem that Hollyoaks and Love Island have read the mood of the publics increasing concern about the environment and social issues. Is it really possible to pay workers a fair living wage whilst selling tops and bikinis for as little as £6? According to Fashion Checker 93% of clothing manufactures did not pay the people who make the clothes in 2020.

However, some brands are taking steps to make their brands more sustainable and fairly made and pre loved is not the only way to slow down fast fashion. At Chief and Turtle we only stock brands that meet these values and criteria, helping to reduce the environmental impact of their clothes. Some of our brands use recycled materials utilising plastic bottles to make their garments or champion organic materials. Others list the transparency of their supply chain ensuring that all the workers involved receive fair pay.

We hope to make it easy for you pick the best activewear safe in the knowledge that you are also making a small change for the better for the environment. Check them out. It only takes a little change to make a difference. 

June 08, 2022

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