Today (28th September) is National Plant a tree day!! We are huge lovers of trees here at Know The Origin. Not only do we support one tree planted which offers you the chance to plant trees when you shop with us, but we also make a conscious effort across all areas of the business to work in a way that is better for the environment.
Chief and Turtle gardenChief and Turtle potted garden
For example, we use recycled packaging, we avoid printing wherever possible, you'll notice it's always digital receipts you receive from us, and although our office is within an industrial estate, we have created little potted gardens in our outdoor concrete spaces to encourage insects and wildlife and even grow food to share between staff. 

Why did we trust One Tree Planted?

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The fact One Tree Planted is a non-profit environmental charity was a big plus to us. It shows this charity are here for the right reasons. They're on a mission of global reforestation, and that's a mission we want to be on too. One Tree Planted plant trees in North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Pacific. If you want to delve into a certain area, their website gives you the chance to, as well as providing a lot of information on the specific area and information about the tree species and forest coverage etc. 

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What types of trees do 'One Tree Planted' plant?

1/3 of our planet is made up of forests, and we need to keep it that way, but just planting any trees, anywhere, doesn't do that. It is important that the species of trees planted are native to that area as different trees have different needs. Spacing is another important factor when planting trees. One Tree Planted work with the regional partners to decide on the trees being planted, depending on the location and what is necessary for that location. 









How does One Tree Planted work from me ordering to the tree being planted

You can choose at checkout to add a tree to your basket for as little as 89p! It's that easy. Ok, you're planting a tree, but what's the actual process? We hear you and we're here to explain more:

Once One Tree Planted gets your donation through Know the Origin, they create a pool with other brands/companies that are involved. They are then sent to work to grow the little saplings ready to be given a new home. Once these saplings are big enough, they are released into the wild! The trees are planted out in rainy season to give them the best start in life. These are regularly monitored to make sure they are thriving, and One Tree Planted send reports on their work. This small change can make a big difference. The world's forests absorb around 2.1 million tons of C02 per year. 
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Products made from tree bark

In production, Tencel uses less energy and water than conventional cotton. Tencel is also biodegradable, as long as it isn't mixed with other synthetic fibres. Tencel also requires a lot less dye that cotton. It's also pure white when produced, so no bleaching is necessary either.

Below are some of the Tencel products available on Know The Origin that you might like! 

Iron roots' Eucalyptus performance tee

This super lightweight t-shirt is a great addition to your wardrobe, with moisture wicking technology.

Organic Basics' Tencel lite bra

This is such an elegant design, as well as being made from trees, it's super comfortable and ridiculously soft. 

Dedicated Lyby Shorts and Lykke Slouchy Cami

Need some lounge wear? Try the Lyby shorts and slouchy cami combo. This slouchy set comes in 3 different colour options, or you can mix and match. 

If you want to find out more incredible facts and what we can all do to help, head to our One tree planted page, we've got a fun tree counter on there too! 



September 28, 2022