Tencel is a natural fibre

In short, Tencel is a fibre made from trees; more specifically, the fast growing eucalyptus tree. This is processed into wood chips and then into pulp using water and organic solvents. The pulp is used to make fibres that make up what is known as Tencel Lyocell or Tencel Modal. 

Tencel has been around for a shocking 30 years and yet so many have no idea what it is and where it comes from, so don't worry if you're only just learning about what it is, just like the ethos of Know The Origin, we are still on our sustainable journey and forever learning more, and that is such a positive. Be part of of our tribe, we're all here to guide each other. 

Key phrases you might have heard of in the world of sustainability lately is 'circular economy' or 'closing the loop'. The amazing thing about Tencel is that it is derived from nature and can be returned to nature at the end of a garment's life due to the fibre being completely biodegradable. This blows our minds, if only all clothing could be like this?!

What are the benefits of Tencel Lyocell?

As we mentioned, Tencel has been around since 1972. In that time; the Austrian company who created Tencel have been making the process sustainable and ethical. One of the big factors in all clothing manufacturing is the water pollution and waste. Around 90 percent of (fast fashion) brands contribute to water pollution by refusing to treat their wastewater, allowing it to contaminate clean water supplies around the world. 

Tencel have changed this by creating a closed loop of their use of water and Organic solvents in their process of turning the wood chips into pulp. This makes a huge difference to the amount of waste and pollution on production. Unlike the viscose process that uses chemicals and then has to dispose of these chemicals, the Tencel closed loop system reuses the chemicals needed again and again. Lenzing (the company that created Tencel) also use renewable energy at their processing plants. So when you wear Tencel, not only does it feel super soft and breathable, it is a pretty kind fabric on the environment too. Win win!

If you want to learn more about Tencel check out their website

We at Know The Origin stock quite a few products made from Tencel Lyocell.

Here are our top 5 pick for the Summer heat: 

1. Slouchy Lykke Cami Top

These are a great little top that is lightweight and super soft. Comes in 3 colour ways, can be paired with the Lyby lounge shorts to make a great relaxed outfit. 

2. Tencel Lite Bralette

This bralette is a super cute addition to your underwear draw! With a little key hole cut out detail in the front, it comes in two colour-ways, classic black or white. 


3. Tree Embroidery Tencel Sports Cap

A must have in this heat, keeps the sun off your face and great for popping over sweaty hair after a workout. Choose from this lovely vintage blue or black. 

4. Women's Performance Shorts

You would not believe how soft these are and how flattering these are on, trust us!! Zip pockets and a super comfortable waistband, what more could you want from you next pair of running shorts.




June 12, 2022