1 Litre Clay Insulated Epic Bottle Thermal Canteen Stainless Steel

1 Litre Clay Insulated Epic Bottle Thermal Canteen Stainless Steel

Sedex cert


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Looking for a sustainable water bottle for the gym, hiking, or everyday use? Going for a big bottle is a great way of judging your water intake too. The One Green Bottle bottle's are all super high quality, and the best part with this one is it will stay cool in humid workout spaces or on hot summer days. Caution: Do not use boiling water, we recommend 80c max and advise to open with care when using hot water.

Made from stainless steel and polypropylene (BPS/BPA free)

Care guide

We do not recommend dishwashing any painted bottles so please hand wash. Screw top polypropylene (BPS/BPA free) with ultra wide mouth for easy cleaning.


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Good for all life.

Huge amounts of plastic single use bottles are thrown into landfill or our oceans each year. Plastic takes 500yrs to decompose but it does break down into plastic microparticles. We can all make a big difference by not buying single use plastic bottles. Each plastic bottle of water takes around 2 cups of oil to manufacture, it can leach harmful, toxic chemicals into your drink. Stainless steel bottles are proven to be the healthiest choice of beverage container.

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Sustainable alternatives to the most problematic single use items.

Great bottle design using only 304 grade (18/8) stainless steel means our products are reliable, durable and certified free from any harmful toxins. Our sports caps are made from BPA/BPS free non leaching polypropylene. All products are ultimately recyclable.

Painted bottles could chip or peel over time so invest in a ‘nude’ bottle or a bottle jacket if you don’t want a rugged look. If your bottle gets a few dents, dings or scratches over time we think it adds to character. Our bottles have no linings or internal coatings so dings and dents have no affect on your drink quality.